Palestine Marathon Fundraiser

Fundraising in March 2020

Thursday 5th March

Unfortunately this event has just been cancelled owing to the Coronavirus. However, I will continue to fundraise to raise awareness and will find another event to participate in. 

On 27th March, I plan to run the 10k race, in the Palestine Marathon event to put a spotlight on the right to freedom of movement. Palestinians are not allowed to move freely in Palestine.

I aim to raise £500 towards the work of CPT Palestine.

I’ve set up a PayPal account here:

If you are unable to sponsor me then I am asking if you will take five minutes to watch these two short film clips and then tell someone about what you have seen.
Life in Hebron and CPTs work when a child is detained A child being detained

For further information about CPT please click here

If you have any questions about CPT then please PM me.

The world is well prepared to win the war, but not well prepared to win the peace.

(Marie Dennis)

Thank you for your donation towards the work of CPT.  CPT stands for Christian Peacemaker Teams. CPT are a human rights organisation, committed to building partnerships that transform violence and oppression.

Your financial gift supports the work of CPT by helping to cover team members costs and purchase essential equipment whilst they carry out the work of accompaniment with partners. Full time team members give up their earning potential to carry out this work. Why not consider joining a delegation. For further information visit,

Thank you for your support.

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