Fundraising in March 2019

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During March I aim to raise £400 towards the work of CPT. Donations are in USD$ and £5.00 is equivalent to $6.50.

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If you have any questions about CPT then please PM me.

The world is well prepared to win the war, but not well prepared to win the peace. (Marie Dennis)

Thank you for your donation towards the work of CPT.   CPT stands for Christian Peacemaker Teams. CPT are a human rights organisation, committed to building partnerships that transform violence and oppression. 

CPT’s routes grew from a pacifist Mennonite tradition, recognising the need for a more assertive but still non violent resistance to systemic oppressions. CPT reflects presence, spirituality and faith and strengthens grassroots initiatives.

CPT have teams working alongside  communities in Iraqi Kurdistan, Colombia, and Palestine where indigenous people are having their land, homes and livelihoods destroyed  by the state and corporate powers. There is also a team on  the Greek island of Lesvos, where 10,000 migrants live in the refugee camps.

Whilst I have visited the team in Lesvos, my main experiences of CPT have been in Palestine.  

CPT Palestine walks alongside Palestinians who face daily human rights violations living in Al Khalil/Hebron. Children as they walk to school, residents as they are ID checked, searched, detained and arrested, farmers during times of planting and harvest. 

CPT lives in the community and documents these violations standing in solidarity with the community’s efforts to resist the occupation and claim their rights, dignity and freedom.

During a  CPT delegation  to Palestine in August 2017, I visited a Bedouin community.

When people with direct experience of the struggle against the Israeli occupation speak, the challenge to do something in response can be overwhelming. I was unprepared for every story I heard. Some experiences just don’t leave you alone, attaching themselves to you, like a recurring loop in your consciousness. I will share some of the truths I experienced. 

I camped out overnight at the village of Um Al Khair which lays in the shadow of an illegal Israeli settlement. I heard stories of multiple home demolitions. This small rural community raise goats and grows thyme which is the main ingredient of zatar, a delicious palestinian condiment. I met an impressive young man called Tariq who had a maturity beyond his young age of 21. Tariq explained very clearly the issues faced by his community. He shared how his brother was beaten by a settler whilst he was herding his goats. Apparently he went too close to the settlers fence with the goats and he now has severe brain damage and is unable to function as an adult. His mother was also badly beaten and her donkey stolen. The village bread oven has also been destroyed multiple  times and they now have to buy bread which is a lot more expensive.

The delegation was arranged so that we heard from different perspectives. Israeli Jews, Palestinian Christians and Muslims provided us with hospitality. And we visited a mosque and attended both a Christian as well as a Jewish Shabbat service.

Every person and community was different, but certain traits linked them all: hospitality, openness and sumud (steadfast perseverance).  

Your financial gift supports the work of CPT by helping to cover team members costs whilst they carry out the work of accompaniment with partners around the world.  Full time team members give up their earning potential to carry out this work. Why not consider joining a delegation yourself. For further information visit,

Thank you for your support.

In peace,


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